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 War/sam Fell Cleave Burn > 200k an hour

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PostSubject: War/sam Fell Cleave Burn > 200k an hour    Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:19 pm

It's pretty simple really. Once lights are built, you need a setup of something like 1-3 wars (1 war works fine for chigoes, but probably want at least 2 for anything else, so you don't get killed before you can get a third cleave off), cor+brd, a pld to pull, and a @#%^ ton of rdms/whms to spam cures. Some blus with frypan never hurt either.

The basic idea is to buff up, and spam fell cleave to instantly kill everything. Even without sekka/tp built, retaliation gets 100+ tp in no more than 2-3 seconds, so it's very easy to spam it, as long as you don't die. Of course restore chests shouldn't be hard to find with such fast kills, so at least one war should usually have sekka+ms up.

Apparently this can get exp upwards of 200k/hr (though obviously you'd lose a lot having to leave, use merits, and rebuilt lights, etc). The group i did it with was after feet, and even with a group that was NOT designed to cleave burn (and didn't until around 2 hours in when i decided to turn it into one), we managed to get around 15~ feet in about 4 hours (2 rdm, 2 war, 2-3 mnk, 5-6 thf, 2 whm, 4 blm, or something like that iirc). In that 4 hours we also got 200k exp, despite no ruby light, and capping off at around 300 exp/kill.

Just thought i'd share~


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War/sam Fell Cleave Burn > 200k an hour
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