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 Got Cleave? fell that is fastest way to 90

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PostSubject: Got Cleave? fell that is fastest way to 90   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:05 am

This is the correct answer. We've tried the Odin route, but we find that WAR/SAMs with Fanatics Drinks are far more efficient than SMNs with Odin. Have a stack a keys to pop 2hour chests and you can easily farm up 200 minutes worth of time in about 20 minutes tops. I'll post some screenshots later. (On OS X have to switch to Win7)

Also when you combine this with Retaliation, TP gain is insane, I can jump from 20~ to 180+ in about 2~3 seconds depending on how many mobs I have on me.

EDIT: Brace for table break:

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Got Cleave? fell that is fastest way to 90
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