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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 7:11 pm

So there is no arguing here are the rules as decided by the leaders rules are subject to change.

1. You must have 3 stones or 90+ minutes banked do not attend there is no point in coming if you cant stay the whole run.

2. Attendence is not mandatory but if you come you are expected to stay if you cant stay for the whole 90 min and you know this beforehand do not attend.

3. Leaving midrun results in a loss of points disconnecting or having issues in rl is another story

4.You Must Listen to chat during fights alot of the NMs have special conditions during the fight.

5. You must bring sneak and invisible to runs.

6. Try to bring a form of RR if you do not you take whatever raise you are given.

7. Please get Status enhancements from the Cruor Prospector as they apply to your job.

8.If the main alliance is full and there is enough people an add party will be formed the party will most likely be farming pop items for ls run or assisting the ls in killing an NM if it is tough enough you will get points for this if you leave you will not get points, in the event that there is 1-3 extra people they will get points and be free to do as they wish.

9. Must be present to bid from this point on no calling in bids bidding takes place between 7:45 and 8 pm est

10. Bidding on an item and winning means you must lot on that if it drops passing it to someone else because you didn't really want it will result in the points you bid still being taken if you place a bid by mistake you can still retract your bid before it goes to "sold"
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