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 Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules

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PostSubject: Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules   Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 1:09 pm

Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules

Becoming a Member
-You need to have at least one job at level 70+ to join.
-You need to have approval from linkshell leadership (shell/sackholders) before attending runs.
-Being accepted into Heroes gives you membership to Villains.
-All members of Villains will be treated equally, whether they are in Heroes or not.

Time for Runs
-Monday evenings, gather beginning at 7pm eastern, entering by 8pm eastern.
-Usually in the event of a cancelled or changed event, the linkshell message will be updated.

Lotting Rights
-You obtain and maintain the right to lot AF or earn gil simply by attending runs.
-Initial lotting rights are gained by sitting out two runs, meaning attending two runs without lotting anything. On the third run you attend you have full rights to lot on AF or to receive a split of gil made from currency that is collected and sold by linkshell leadership.
-It is possible to lose lotting rights by missing too many runs or by failing to follow rules.
-If you lose your right to lot, you may regain it by sitting out one run, meaning attending one run without lotting anything. On the second run you attend after losing rights, you will have them back and be able to lot AF or receive a split of gil.
-If you do not have rights, you do not lot anything unless it goes full

Missing Runs
-If you cannot make a scheduled run due to something such as school, work, family, health, religion, travel, etc. we understand. You must post an excuse in the proper thread
in the forum. You will be recorded as excused for that run. Follow directions in the sticky on how to post an excuse.
-If you miss more than one run unexcused, meaning you didn’t post an excuse for two runs in a row, you will lose lotting rights. You will have to regain them by sitting out one run.
-If you miss more than three runs excused, you will also lose lotting rights. This means if you post excuses for three runs you will still have rights, but if you miss a fourth run you
will lose lotting rights. You will have to regain them by sitting out one run.
-This basically evens out to attending one run per month and still having lotting rights, assuming you post appropriate excuses for runs missed.
-If you do not have access to a zone you may want to post in the excuse forum or contact Zinga so you are not marked as unexcused. We will assume everyone has access to all zones unless told otherwise. So if you aren’t far enough in CoP missions to do CoP dynamis zones, or you need a city win to have access to BCD, or you need BCD win to have access to Xarcabard, drop a line.

-ALL RECORD KEEPING regarding attendance, lot jobs, and lotting rights is done by Zinga. If you have any questions or need to notify us of absence issues other than posting excuses in the forum, you MUST contact Zinga. Not tell someone else to tell Zinga…YOU tell/PM Zinga. It would be a good idea to make sure you get a response so you know the communication has been received. During runs is a hectic time and it could be possible that your tell is missed in the scroll of text.

Lotting AF
-All members will declare a lot job. This means you decide which one job you would like to get a set of AF for. This lot job remains the same across all zones of dynamis.
-If you obtain 5/5 pieces of your lot job’s set of AF, or all of the pieces of your lot job’s set that you want, you may change your lot job by sitting out one run. On the second run you attend after declaring a new lot job, you may lot on your new lot job’s pieces. You may do this whenever and as frequently as you want. Just remember that you will go through the process of sitting out a run each time.
-You may not change your lot job to a job that is below level 70.
-You must be level 70 to lot on city pieces, 74 in Beaucedine, and 75 in Xarcabard.
-You must state in your comment what you wish to lot on each run.

-AF comment: If the zone drops a piece from your set that you want and do not have yet, post your lot job in your comment.
-Example: “Red Mage” or “RDM”
-Money comment: If wish, you may receive a cut of gil made from currency collected during the run, which is sold by linkshell leadership. You may do this if you already have the piece for your set from the zone, you don’t want the piece from your set from the zone, or if the zone does not drop a piece from your set.
-Example: “money” or “gil” or “$”
-If you do not have lotting rights, you will still need to post a comment. People who are new to the shell will have to show that they are sitting out without lotting, and state which job they wish to declare as their lot job.
-Example: “1/2 BLM” or “2/2 Thief” depending on how many runs have been sat out already and which job is being declared. On the third run you will have lotting rights and will no longer need to post 1/2 or 2/2, just your lot job. The third run is also when your lot job is set in place if you have been unable to decide on one during your first or second run.
-If you are changing your lot job you will need to sit out one run and state that you are doing so in your comment.
-Example: “1/1 change WHM” or “1/1 SAM lot job change” etc.
-If you lost your right to lot due to missing too many runs or failing to follow rules, you will need to sit out one run and state that you are doing so in your comment.
-Example: “1/1 BST”
-Even if you think you might be the only person on your lot job, you still need to put your lot job in your comment.
-Anyone arriving late/after comments have been recorded will need to send a tell to the treasure pool master.
-If you do not have a comment and you have not spoken to the treasure pool master, you will not get to lot your lot job or money for that run.

AF Lotting Process
-Linkshell leadership will have the final say in who will lot at any given time.
-When AF drops, the treasure pool master will announce who will be lotting on it after consulting the list of comments recorded for that run.
-First announced will be anyone with the lot job in their comment.
-If nobody has that lot job in their comment, freelots will be called by the treasure pool master.
-In Xarcabard freelot level begins at 75 with rights.
-In Beaucedine freelot level begins at 74 with rights.
-In Bastok, San d’Oria, Windurst, and Jeuno freelot level begins at 70 with rights.
-If nobody has that job at that level (75/74/70) the treasure pool master will lower the freelot level.
-75/74 – 70 – 65 – 60
-If the freelot level is lowered to 60 and still nobody is lotting, it will be announced as “full
freelot” which means that everyone attending the run may lot it. This includes members without full lotting rights.

CoP Zone Lotting Rules
-You have the possibility of lotting on three different items in CoP zones.
-Regular AF(City Pieces): Carries over from Zilart areas. So if your lot job in regular
zones is NIN, your regular AF lot job will be NIN in CoP areas.
-AF -1: Separate from regular AF lot job. This means you may declare any job you have at level 75 that you wish to get a -1 piece for from a CoP zone, and it doesn’t have to be the same as your regular AF lot job. So if your lot job in regular zones is NIN, but you also have BRD 75 and would rather have the -1 piece for BRD, this is allowed. We ask that you already own the original piece and actually intend to upgrade it before lotting the -1 version.
-Belt or Cape (Level 70 Accessory): Separate from regular AF and AF-1. This means you may declare any job you have at level 70+. So if your regular AF lot job is NIN and you are trying for BRD -1, but you also have PLD 70 and would rather have the PLD accessory, this is allowed. You will always have the same lot job for accessory. Even if you obtain your lot job accessory you will not change to another one.
-Your comment for CoP zones will be three lines, in this order:
-1 Regular AF
-2 AF -1
-3 Accessory

-From the above examples with the member who has NIN 75 BRD 75 and PLD 70 and wants different things for each category, their comment would look like this:
-1 NIN
-2 BRD -1
-3 PLD cape

-If you already have or do not want the item from the zone in any of the lines, you will need to put X. So if our example already has or does not want any -1 piece that drops in that zone, they would put:
-1 NIN
-2 X
-3 PLD cape

-You will need to state your accessory lot job in every CoP run, even if it does not drop in the zone we are doing. So if we are doing a run in Qufim, where the Valor Cape does not drop, our example would still need to put PLD in the third line, and if wanted may state that it does not drop in that zone:
-1 NIN
-2 BRD -1
-3 PLD cape(doesn’t drop here)

-If you are in the process of changing your regular lot job, you may still reflect that in your comment in a CoP zone. This would only affect lotting on regular AF, and you could still lot on -1 and accessory in that run. So if our example decided to change lot job from NIN to DNC which they also have at 73 they would need to put:
-1 1/1 change job to DNC
-2 BRD -1
-3 PLD cape

-Freelot City/Regular AF will be same process as in regular city zones, starting at level 70 with rights.
-Freelot AF -1 will begin at level 75 with rights.
-Freelot Accessory will begin at level 70 with rights.

-If more than 36 people show up for a CoP zone (36 person cap), linkshell leadership will decide who will go on the run. Attendance, preparation, performance, and the likelihood to win will influence this decision. Members who need the win for that zone will be considered first. There may be a random between members, and people who are willing to sit out a run will be remembered for the next time something like this happens.


-This is to make sure that the person the AF is to go to gets that piece in a timely manner. We have had instances where someone who was supposed to get AF had d/c issues before the piece was passed by other members and they did not receive their AF. We have also been at the end of a run with time running out and items in treasure pool that did not get passed quickly enough before time ran out, and they were lost.
-We need to avoid this sort of unfortunate circumstance, as well as be respectful to the person(s) who have the rights to lot.
-The treasure pool master will be last to pass AF after alliance leaders have announced on LS when everyone in their alliance has passed who is not lotting AF.
-Leaders of any alliances or parties outside the alliance of the treasure pool master will be last to pass in their alliance or party, and are expected to enforce the passing policy.
-If needed, a secondary person will be appointed to pass last in instances where the treasure pool master or alliance leader is lotting AF.
-Anyone who refuses, is afk, or is too slow to pass AF may be D2d in an attempt to get the item to fall to the winning lotter.
-Anyone who repeatedly fails to pass AF for any reason may lose lotting rights for the rest of the run, as well has having to sit out one more run to regain rights. If you do not care to put the effort into passing AF in a timely manner that you do not have the right or
the intention to lot, you will lose rights.
-We do not lot things just for fun. This is to avoid mistakes in lotting and passing correctly, so we don’t lose AF or add confusion.

Money Process
-Currency collected during a run is sold by linkshell leadership. The gil made through these sales is split among members who attended the run with a money comment after a portion is taken out to pay for the cost of the glass for that run.
-If you attend a run with a money comment, but you receive AF through freelot you will be taken off the money list if it was freelotted at level 60+ in Northlands or 65+ in cities. Members obtaining AF from a full freelot will stay on money list for that run.
-Gil will be handed out by linkshell leadership after the currency has sold. There is no set schedule for gil payouts, but it will usually happen at least once a month.
-When linkshell leadership announces that payouts will occur, anyone who has had money comments may get in a line and wait their turn to trade the leader for their share.

Special Items
-Synthesis Materials: Only the bank will lot synthesis materials. Any synthesis materials that are not lotted by the bank will freefall/ auto distribute.
-EXP scrolls: Lotted among main puller/sac puller, and tank jobs (PLD, tanking NIN or WAR). They may also be distributed by linkshell leadership to people who have excessive deaths.
-Dynamis Lord drops: Shadow Mantle/Shadow Ring will be distributed by linkshell leadership. Job, attendance, and seniority play a role in this decision.

If you need to go AFK or leave
-Send tell to linkshell leadership and wait for response. This way we can be aware if we need to rearrange parties when someone has to leave. If it’s an emergency we understand if you can’t wait before leaving to take care of whatever you have going on.
-If you are asked to temp log out because you will be gone for longer than a couple minutes while we are in the middle of something, you must follow that order. This is in case we have AF drop while you are gone. We don’t want AF sitting in treasure pool because someone went AFK unannounced or for an undetermined amount of time.
-If we are taking a small break to recover mp or plan our next action, this is a good time to run afk. Just be sure to be quick about it so you are back when we resume.
-People who repeatedly go afk, especially for long periods of time may be D2d. Another possible action is to have members who have afk or other issues (such as being likely to fall asleep) place their glass in bazaar so leadership can remove you from the zone if
needed. In this case, only leadership will be allowed to buy bazaared glasses.

General Conduct
-All members will do their best to attend every run they can, be on time, and equip Villains pearl as soon as possible according to gather time. If unable to attend post an excuse.
-Plan to attend as much of the run as possible, preferably the entire run. Leaving early/directly after bosses may result in removal of rights.
-Put your comment up as soon as you can, at the very latest, when the treasure pool master announces they will be recording them. If you are late, message your comment to the treasure pool master. Without a valid comment you will not be getting anything.
-Keep the linkshell drama free during the run. Clear various issues before or after the run.
-Keep chat to /tell /say or /party text. Linkshell text is for leadership communication and giving directions.
-Members, usually BLM, who are in the stun order will make linkshell chat macros. Please do not freestun during stun order things (usually NIN/MNK mobs, especially NMs) until the last person in the order has gone.
-Members raising dead will make linkshell chat macros. This will be especially helpful when there are several people still dead after a wipe, to let others know who is covered instead of having multiple people trying to cast on the same person at the same time.
-Pullers will make linkshell chat macros to let the group know when more mobs are coming to camp.
-Assisters will make linkshell chat macros to let the group know which mob to fight.
-Follow leadership instruction. This is for the greater good.
-Feel free after the run to drop your opinions in tells. We are willing to listen to civil people.
-You are expected to change your job if requested for practicality reasons.
-Do your job as best as you can. Do not skill up. Bring appropriate armor and weapons. Use job abilities reasonably. There may be times when leadership will have you use special abilities. Most frequently abilities such as elemental seal, flee, invincible, perfect dodge will have specific roles.
-Come prepared and play prepared. This means bringing items appropriate for your job such as: food, echo drops, poison potions, and reraise for the entire run. Keep your items up at all times, especially reraise. We expect you to be able to get up after death, with your own reraise, whether it is from an item or a spell you use on yourself, unless you experience multiple deaths in a row before having a chance to reapply. If you die without reraise, you will need to accept any raise cast on you. WHM don’t always have the time or mp to spare on someone who was lazy when they are keeping their parties alive and healthy.
-Certain bosses may require more special items such as opo-opo necklace, sleeping potions, icarus wing.
-We don’t value exp in dynamis. If asked to die, do so. And in instance of a wipe, die at camp. If you do not have reraise after a wipe, you will accept any raise cast on you so we can recover quickly and keep going. We won’t take the time for everyone to get higher raises with weakness timers.
-In case of AOE charm, do not kill charmed people. We want to be as productive as possible and unnecessary deaths like this create down time.
-Do not toss AF. It is disrespectful to waste AF, especially if you lotted against someone else to get it. If you do not find it valuable enough to keep, do not lot it in the first place.

All members are expected to follow linkshell policies and leadership instructions. If there are any issues, offending members may be removed from money list, lose lotting rights, or even be kicked from the group.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send tells or PMs to Article or Zinga.


These rules may be changed or updated by linkshell leadership as needed. Last updated 10/15/09.

Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules Ass
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Villains Dynamis Linkshell Rules
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