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 =>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<=

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=>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<= Empty
PostSubject: =>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<=   =>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<= EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 9:29 pm

GrandTheftChoco Dynamis LS Rules

I. Membership

1. You need to have at least one job at LV70+ to join.
2. You need to be approved by LS Leadership to perm join.
3. Being accepted into HoCD generally gives you membership to GTC. However GTC leadership reserves the right to deny or remove any member that joined through HoCD. Also all HoCD members are treated equally to GTC-only members and have to follow the same rules and procedures.
4. You may not attend any runs before having been approved on the forums.
5. Official Forums/Website: http://www.hocdls.com/forum/index.php?c=10
6. Apply at: http://www.hocdls.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=38
7. Post excuses at: http://www.hocdls.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21

II. Times and dates

1. Monday 7 PM EST/4 PM PST/12 AM GMT/1 AM GMT+1/8 AM GMT+8 gathering time (Enter ~1hr later)
2. Friday 7 PM EST/4 PM PST/12 AM GMT/1 AM GMT+1/8 AM GMT+8 gathering time (Enter ~1hr later)

III. Comment and lotting categories

1. Types of comments:
1.1 Money (Get money share depending on currency drops)
1.2 AF2 (Lot your "Lot Job's" AF2 piece if it drops)
1.3 Synthesis Materials (Lot any Synthesis Materials that drop)

2. Special Cases:
2.1 Run x/3 (New member's run x of 3 to gain membership status)
2.2 Sponsor: XXX AF2 (Sponsored AF2)
2.3 XXX AF2 Priority (Person has priority on his "Lot Job's" AF2)
2.4 Change Lot Job: RDM to THF X/3 (Changing "Lot Job")
2.5 Guest, (Not perm. joining LS, not lotting, just getting win; need forum approval, LS approval)

IV. AF2 Lotting rules

1. All members must declare a "Lot Job" when joining the LS.
1.1 You may lot only AF2 for your "Lot Job".
1.2 You can change "Lot Job" by sitting out 3 runs (not lotting anything).
1.3 If you achieve 5/5 on your "Lot Job" you still have to change lot job manually. You also have to sit out 3 runs in terms of lotting.
1.4 You may lot "free lot AF2" (see below for detailed rules)

2. You need to attend 3 runs before you can lot anything.
2.1 You can lot money, lot job AF2, free lot AF2 or Synthesis Materials on your 4th run.

3. Missing more than one run in a row without excuse results in loss of lotting rights.
3.1 If you give a valid excuse the run will be marked as "excused".
3.2 If your attendance is too low in general you may be removed from LS.
3.3 If your excuse is not believable your excuse may not count.
3.4 Missing more than one run unexcused requires 3 valid (if miss - EXCUSE) runs without lotting anything to gain lotting rights back.
3.5 Missing more than six runs in a row, excused, results in loss of lotting rights also.
3.6 If you are seen EXPing, Camping NM or anything like that during a Dynamis run you automatically lose lotting rights for 3 runs, and if repeated, you may be kicked out of the LS.

4. You need to be LV70 to lot city pieces, LV74 for BCD, LV75 for XAR.
4.1 You may lot ONE piece of AF2 that you cannot wear, any piece of AF2 you lot after that one piece you must be able to wear. This only applies if a person of that lot job who is able to wear is present.
4.2 You may delevel from 75 to 74 in case of XAR pieces.
4.3 You may not change lot job to a job below LV70.

5. Priorities:
5.1 According to LS Leadership deserving members, who have been in the LS for a long time and attend Dynamis regularly may get priority on one of their AF2 pieces.
5.2 This rule mostly applies to 4/5 AF2 people.
5.3 This rule will generally only apply once per person, for one set. In rare instance members may receive a second priority.
5.4 Priority on city pieces is given out more easily than on Northland pieces.
5.5 Check the Results Forums for current priorities.

6. Freelot AF2:
6.1 When AF2 drops for a job, of which no member who has that job set as his "lot job" is present, the piece will go "Free lot".
6.2 Free lot City Piece:
6.2.1 City pieces are freelotted among all members, who have the job of the freelotted AF2 piece at LV70+.
6.2.2 The winner of the free lot piece cannot compete for a second freelot AF2, but can still lot his "lot job" AF2 piece.
6.2.3 The winner is taken off the "Money" list.
6.3 Free lot Northland Piece:
6.3.1 Northland pieces are freelotted among all members, who have the job of the freelotted AF2 piece at LV74+(BCD)/LV75(XAR).
6.3.2 The winner of the freelot piece cannot compete for any other AF2 piece, including his lot job piece, that run. (ONE AF2/PERSON in NL Policy)
6.3.3 The winner of any Northland AF2 piece that is wearable will be taken off the "Money" list.
6.3.4 If the winner of a freelot Northland AF2 piece did not compete for that piece (only person lotting), he may still compete for his lot job AF2, but will be taken off the "Money" list.
6.3.5 A person who has already won his lot job AF2 in a Northland run may not compete for a freelot piece. He may lot if he is the only person able to wear a freelot piece though.
6.4 If noone qualifies for 70+/74+/75 on a free lot piece, LS leadership sets the level lower (in steps of 10 levels). Winners of a freelot piece 60+ and lower do not get taken off the "Money" list and may still compete or another AF2 piece. They face no consequences whatsoever.
6.5 LS leadership may at all times decide on a lotter of freelot AF2. This is mostly done to complete a AF2 set for someone who needs the freelotted piece for 5/5.
6.6 Only members with lotting rights are entitled to freelot. Members who lost lotting rights or have yet to earn lotting rights may NOT compete for a free lot AF2 piece, unless no full member qualifies for lotting.

7. AF2 lotting process:
7.1 Priority piece drops, only the person with priority lots.
7.2 Sponsored piece drops, only the person who sponsored lots.
7.3 AF2 piece drops and multiple people have comment, everyone with comment and required level lots.
7.4 AF2 piece drops but noone has comment:
7.4.1 LS Leadership decides who may lot. Usually members who are closest to being able to wear the piece will be entitled to lot.
7.4.2 Noone has a certain "right" to lot free lot AF2 pieces.
7.4.3 If noone has a comment for a BCD or XAR AF2 piece, but someone with a different lot job can wear the piece he will be entitled to lot.
7.4.4 If more than one person can wear that piece, the person who is willing to give up his "Lot Job" AF2 lot for that run will get to lot; if both refuse it will go free lot. It is favored that noone gets more (usable) Northland AF2 piece per run.
7.4.5 Pieces noone can use in a reasonable time will usually go completely free lot, which means the whole LS is entitled to lot.
7.4.6 If a freelot AF2 piece in a City area is won with competition, the winner of the AF2 will be removed from money list (not from his lot job AF2 list though).
7.4.7 Everyone can only compete for one free lot AF2; Once received you may not compete for a second free lot piece.
7.4.8 Only members with lotting rights will be included in a (competed) free lot. New members or members who lost lotting rights cannot compete for free lot AF2 in ANY area.
7.5 LS Leadership will announce who is entitled to lot according to these guidelines. Do NOT lot without LS Leadership's permission. If someone is forgotten send tell.
7.6 Everyone not lotting will pass AF2 immediately. Alliance leaders will announce on LS when their alliance has passed the AF2 piece. People who refuse to pass/are AFK will be D2 asap. Fira always passes last, after all alliance leaders flagged their alliance as clear.

8. Special item drops:
8.1 Dynamis Lord drops "Shadow Mantle" and "Shadow Ring" are distributed by LS Leadership. Job, attendance and seniority play a role in this decision.
8.2 EXP Scroll drops are lotted among tank jobs and main puller (PLD, tanking NIN, tanking WAR, THF puller). In special cases EXP Scrolls are distributed by LS Leadership (Delevel, excessive deaths of a person etc.)

9. Do not ever toss away (usable) AF2 you lotted against someone. It is disrespectful to waste AF2 by tossing it for what reason ever. If you do not find a piece valuable enough to keep it, do not lot it in the first place. If LS Leadership finds out you toss AF2 you may be denied future AF2 lots, or in worst case be kicked out of the LS.

10. Even if you are the only lot job person (or person in general) who can use a specific AF2 drop in a run, you still have to put "AF2" in comment and NOT "money/SM". Putting money even though you need that AF2 piece is considered abuse of your advantage and is against the rules. The AF2 piece will be made free lot in that case.

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Posts : 71
Join date : 2007-12-11
Age : 34
Location : Munich, DE

=>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<= Empty
PostSubject: Re: =>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<=   =>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<= EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 9:29 pm

V. Money and Synthesis Material lotting rules

1. You can either specify "Money" or "Synthesis Materials".

2. Money comment:
2.1 You get a share of a possible Ancient Currency split.
2.2 Money in BCD/XAR/COP is only shared if a "Big bill / 100er piece" drops.
2.3 Therefore in BCD/XAR/COP a money share is only available if a 100er piece drops.
The small currency of BCD/XAR runs are always banked. The small
currency of any City run is always added to the "money comment" pool.
In all runs the 1M gil cost of the hourglass is taken from the total
money share. In Northland runs 500k are taken from the small currency
pool, 500k from the 100er pool.
2.6 Money share is given out on the next Dynamis run after it sold, but usually in a pair of 2-3 runs at once.
Always check forums to ensure your name is in money list if you had put
money comment. Once money is given out there will be no more
alterations to the money list.
2.8 Money for past runs is only
given out if members keep track of the runs they put "money comment".
Do not expect the bank to keep track of your comments.
2.9 You need to be present for more than 50% of the run to get a money share.
2.10 Leaving directly after the Mega Boss in a city will result in removal from the money list.

3. Synthesis Material comment:
3.1 You may lot any Synthesis Material (Orc Liver etc.) that drops against other people with the "Synthesis Material" comment.
3.2 You do NOT get a Ancient Currency money share.
3.3 You may NOT lot any lot job AF2 if you put "Synthesis Materials" comment. You may compete for free lot AF2.
3.4 If noone is lotting "Synthesis Materials" all "Synthesis Material" items are freely distributed.

4. All attendance rules specified in the AF2 sections apply here as well.

VI. COP Dynamis lotting rules

1. Regular AF2:
Regular AF2 is lotted and distributed just like in the Zilart areas.
People with appropriate lot job (and attendance) may lot.
1.2 AF2 can be lotted even when lotting a AF2-1 or ACC item.
1.3 Priorities for these items are still in effect.

2. AF2-1:
2.1 Each member can lot one AF2-1 piece per run as specified in their comment.
2.2 You must own the original AF2 piece to lot the AF2-1
2.3 You can lot if you own a piece no matter what lot job you are on.

3. LV70 Belt/Cape AF items.
3.1 Can be lotted even if you lot AF2 and/or AF2-1
Specify one "lot job" Belt/Cape. Each member can only lot one piece
permanently. No matter what zone each member specify one Belt/Cape item
they want to have. Once they obtain it they cannot compete for a second
or third piece.
3.3 Free lot pieces do not count towards a members
lot job piece. Free lot pieces can be obtained by anyone LV70 if the
piece is free lotted.

4. Hydra Armor (Dynamis-Tavnazia)
4.1 Each member put one piece they would like to lot in comment.
4.2 Must be able to wear the piece you are lotting.

5. Misc:
5.1 If more than the 36 people who can enter COP Dynamis zones show up, LS Leadership generally decides who can go.
5.2 Attendance , Preparation, Performance and likelyhood to win influence that choice.
5.3 May random between members who can go and who cannot go.

6. Comment example:
6.1 Example member LV75 THF LV75 RDM LV75 RNG:
"1. RDM AF2 (lot job) feet
2. THF AF-1 head (has original piece, is RDM lot job)
3. THF AF Cape (can only lot this one cape not RDM or RNG)"
Member can however lot all three items in the same run, they are independent from each other in terms of lotting rules.

7. Currency drops:
7.1 Small currecy is banked and used to pay for the glass
7.2 Possible big money drops off the Mega Bosses will be split evenly among all members present (with lotting rights).
7.3 There is NO money comment for these zones.

8. Summary:
8.1 Can lot regular AF2 of your LOT JOB;
8.2 Can lot ONE piece of AF2-1 of a piece you OWN, independent from your lot job, PER RUN;
Can choose ONE Belt/Cape item for ONE of your LV70+ jobs you want to
lot / compete for permanently. Cannot compete for more than one, can
however own more than one due to free lotted pieces;
8.4 => Can lot 3 items max in COP zones.

VII. The Bank

1. Purpose of the bank:
1.1 The bank exists to pay consumable items for LS members and Hourglasses (1M) for unsponsored runs.
1.2 The bank pays for Reraise Hairpins and Dynamis Lord supplies.
1.3 The bank opens randomly after Dynamis Runs.
1.4 Every LS fulltime member is entitled to get Supply money back.
1.5 Excluded are Job defining consumables like Ammo, Ninjutsu, Jug Pets.

2. How the bank is filled:
2.1 In City runs only the cost of the hourglass is taken from the Ancient Currency pool.
2.2 In ALL Northland runs small currency is always banked to keep the bank filled.
2.3 The 1M cost of the hourglass is always taken out of the money pool (All Areas)

3. How to access the bank:
3.1 Get to Lower Jeuno, Mendi NPC.
3.2 Get in line.
3.3 Once it is your turn, /tell Nidhogg "I need XXX Gil for Items".
3.4 Trade Nidhogg, confirm the trade, move away.

4. If you leave the LS you have no more right to get any supplies paid back that you might have used in the recent past.

VIII. Special roles

1. Puller: Fira

2. /assister (melee): Sammmmyyy, Artonus

3. BLM leadership: Zinga, Vitani

4. Stun leadership:Vitani,Zinga

5. Treasure Pool Master / Comments: Terpsichore

6. Alliance leaders: (May change every other run)

7. Glass trading: Terpsichore

8. Mule: Nyaomy/Nikki, Sliccc/Mszsliccc

9. Shellholder: Fira

10. Sackholders: Sammmmmyyy, Jinhi, Zinga, Vitani, Terpsichore, Orinion, etc.

11. General leadership: Fira, when absent: Any of the sackholders

12. During Dynamis runs only these people should be talking on LS chat.
12.1 WHM should however have a /linkshell Raise(123) Macro.
12.2 Stunners, who are included in stun order may use Stun macro on LS chat.

13. Only the Treasure Pool Master / Or someone taking his job during the run may lot Ancient Currency.

IX. General

1. All GrandTheftChoco members do their best to attend every run they can and also try to be on time

2. Equip the GrandTheftChoco pearl as soon as you can according to gathering time.

3. Put your comment up as soon as you can; at the very latest when the Treasure Pool Master announces
3.1 If your comment is invalid you will not be able to lot anything.
3.2 If you are late, message your comment to the Treasure Pool Master.
3.3 If you are late and fail to message your comment to the Treasure Pool Master you may not lot anything.

4. Keeping the LS drama free.
4.1 Do not start any drama on LS chat during the run.
4.2 Clear various problems before or after the run.
4.3 No GTC member may take part in, or perform any botting or cheating activities. This counts for your main LS as well.
No GTC member may be involved in stealing other peoples items,
including LS property from GTC or any other LS. If you steal anyones
items and fail to return it to them, or solve the conflict, you are
going to be kicked out of GTC as well.
4.5. If you obtain a
GTC-owned item, you agree to give it back the moment you are asked or
the moment you quit the LS, stop attending Dynamis regularly, or plan
to quit the game (courtesy...).

5. Follow any Leadership order without objections.

6. Do your job as best as you can.
6.1 Do not skillup in Dynamis.
6.2 Bring your best armor/weapons.
6.3 Use your job abilities reasonably.
6.4 Do not just stand around, do your job.
6.5 LS Leadership decides which of your available jobs you will use in Dynamis.
6.6 In case of AOE Charm, do NOT kill charmed people for fun.

7. If you need to go AFK.
7.1 Send a tell to LS Leadership and wait for their response.
7.2 If you are asked to log out (longer AFK) you must follow that order.
7.3 If you go afk without notice once, you will be D2'd.
7.4 If you go afk without notice on a regular basis you may be kicked out of the LS.
If you enter the run then go AFK/Log off shortly after entering you ma
y be removed from AF2/money/Synthesis list. You cannot just come for
five minutes and expect loot.

8. Come prepared, and play prepared.
8.1 For every run bring a full RR Pin/Gorget
8.2 For every run bring 12 Poison potions.
8.3 For every run bring 12 Echo drops (Caster jobs).
8.4 For every run bring enough food for the ENTIRE run.
Do not use SP/2hr abilities without permission from LS Leadership.
These abilities might be needed for special situations / bosses.
8.6 Dynamis Lord runs require special supplies:
Melee bring Icarus Wing, Opo-Opo Necklace, 12x Sleeping Potions, Poison
Pots, Attack Food (e.g. Red Curry), Reraise, Echo Drops (NIN sub).
8.6.2 Casters bring Refresh Drinks, Food, Poison Pots, Echo Drops.

9. Keep your items up.
9.1 Keep food up full time. After being raised reapply food. Reapply when it wears off.
9.2 Keep Reraise up full time. After beind raised reapply Reraise. Reapply when it wears off.
If LS Leadership notices that someone does not have Reraise up on a
regular basis, that person may be denied bank money or in worst case be
kicked out of the LS.

10. Do not value EXP in Dynamis
10.1 Do not refuse Raise I. Especially after wipes Raise I will be given to those who did not have Reraise up.
10.2 Do not refuse to die when asked to.
10.3 As PLD and THF you may be asked to suicide pull (lose EXP). Do not refuse to do so.
10.4 When asked to full wipe, noone is allowed to run away. All die at camp the moment LS Leadership declares a full wipe.

11. Special items for THF and PLD:
11.1 THF and PLD are required to bring "Powder boots".
11.2 THF are required to bring "Rogue's Poulaines" or "Rog. Poulaines +1".
11.3 These items are needed for suicide pulls.

X. Our goals

1. Dynamis Lord (defeated Feb. 7th 2006 | Jun. 26th 2006).
2. Collect as many FULL AF2 sets as we can.
3. Have at least one full AF2 set per job in the LS.
4. Farm both DL drops. (Jul. 14th 2006 Mantle+Ring)
5. Do everything we can in EACH run, no matter what area to get as many AF2 pieces as possible.
6. Beat CoP Dynamis zones. (done)
7. Beat Dynamis-Tavnazia (TBA)
8. Get 100 full sets of AF2 (done March 12th 2007)

GTC Rules Ver. fira August 15th 2008. Copyright 2005-2008 GrandTheftChoco.
Do not copy or post these rules or part of these rules on any Website
but http://www.heroffxi.com
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=>>> GrandTheftChoco Linkshell Rules <<<=
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