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 Paladin AOE Power

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Paladin AOE Power  Empty
PostSubject: Paladin AOE Power    Paladin AOE Power  EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 3:43 pm

I wanna introduce my idea how PLD can be better solo DD/tank in low man situation in abyssea and better for cleave then any other job
I called it "Hundred Shields" because it was first thing that came to my mind
Samples in both movies are pretty small but that's because I wanted to make them fast. Cleave should work on almost any mobs. If you are solo then EP-DC for non mnk mobs and T-IT for MNK mobs. If you have a healer then probably all of them. As for the fighting NM this way I know it's a little risky and need some preparation before the fight but doesn't ppl whining for how easy and boring are fights now?
Anyway I hope you enjoy this idea:

movie 1

movie 2

Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:
Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
Paladin AOE Power  Pbucket
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Paladin AOE Power
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