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 *****New LS Abyssea Scheduled INFO******

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*****New LS Abyssea Scheduled INFO******  Empty
PostSubject: *****New LS Abyssea Scheduled INFO******    *****New LS Abyssea Scheduled INFO******  EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 8:49 pm

*Effective Feb. 21, 2011**

Ok, after much thinking and seeing how to better the ls and makes event run smoother we've come up with this Schedule to make abyssea Pleasant for everything and much easier to keep up Members and Paperwork.

This is how it works:

"Priority Member" = Member who choose that day for Ls (abyssea) event.

"Alternate Member" = Member who is attending ls (abyssea) event who is not scheduled on that day.

Everyone will have 2 "Priority" days. This being said, if you are scheduled on a "Priority" day you cannot be Bumped or have spot taken from an "Alternate". IF an "Alternate" is on that run and an "Priority" player logs on, the last spot filled by an "Alternate"member will be forfeited to "Priority" member". (note: Alternate member will get points rounded up.)

Note: If you have a sudden change in Work schedule/RL issues, etc. you can talk to LS leaders about swapping days that best fit your RL schedule, (note: If you change your days due to this stipulation you must wait 2 months before being able to change "Priority" days again).

If multiple people want to join that are "Alternates" , highest random gets available spot.

All Gear/Points/LS rules will apply to this Event.

If anyone has any Questions feel free to contact me via /tell or PM on this site. my email is also jodysavant@yahoo.com.

Thank you ,


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*****New LS Abyssea Scheduled INFO******
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