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 Cruor Farming

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Cruor Farming Empty
PostSubject: Cruor Farming   Cruor Farming EmptyWed Jan 26, 2011 1:11 pm

Cruor Farming

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Cruor Farming S2Cruor Farming S2
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W/ 200k brews and plenty of NM's to brew farm, there will probably be alot more cruor farming going on.
I heard about a really smart group doing this in vunkerl today.
Many players may know, but I"m sure many more will not know.

can build your cruor chain much like your exp chain. However, you
cannot kill the same mob type consecutively, or it will break the chain.

In this way you can build up to ~450 cruor/kill and w/ lights you can get up around 600.

Its not hard to figure how to set this up, but I'll give a summary anyway.
between (at least) 2 mob camps. Have a puller for each camp so you can
alternate the kills. NEVER KILL the same mob 2x in a row. It will break
the chain. if you die, don't get up until the desired mob is up for next
kill, or it will break the chain.

building cruor in this way
will help get a new brew in a very short session and make it more
available to low/man brew farm for shinryu, rani, and other high-end

The groups I heard about was pretty cool in that they
also had a whm and mnk duo running around killing NM's at thesame time
for additional cruor, seals, and drops for the group.

Cruor Farming Pbucket
Cruor Farming Pbucket
Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:
Cruor Farming Pbucket
Cruor Farming Pbucket
Cruor Farming Pbucket
Cruor Farming Pbucket
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Cruor Farming
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