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 Need updated List of Zones and @ please

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PostSubject: Need updated List of Zones and @ please   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:01 am

I know most in the shell know the rules but I would like to not have a repeat of what transpired last night over a @2 job seal. We mostly worried about only @1 jobs that can change after you don't have an @ for 2 runs. So Just to keep peace it be nice to place a post with the zones listed and peoples @ jobs like we did for dynamis we have a few started but not all that I can find.

If you like I can start one up cause last night was annoying as f to be honest making a big deal over nothing.

So to be clear normally we have an @1 if we like to add a @2 cool or we do like we been doing @1 and anything not @ goes free lot to a person that has the job and can use it and not just leveling it and if no one needs it then a person can lot it if they plan on leveling it one day. This is basically how we been operating since 2004 in Heroes.....


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Need updated List of Zones and @ please
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