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 SMN I WIN Button=Ducal Guard+Avatar 100% immune phys damage

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PostSubject: SMN I WIN Button=Ducal Guard+Avatar 100% immune phys damage   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:32 pm


Quote :

Atma of the Ducal Guard - at least 50% pdt to melee hits, stacks with 50% avatar pdt. Does not work against poison, magic, etc.

Evidence: Keratyrannos' Crippling Slam (1500 damage hit) deals 0 damage.

is even better than I originally thought. As I got braver, I found no
threshhold where physical damage penetrates the atma.

(You're welcome!)

(solo) Ducal + Mounted Champion: Aggressor Antlion down with one cast.

(SMN BLM BRD) Bugul Noz down, SMN tank. 3 TP moves required to kill pet.

(solo) Bugul Noz down.

(solo) Farmed 12+ frogs in Misareaux for pearly light simultaneously.

EDIT: came back for Bugul Noz. Added frogs.

I have settled into 2 different atma builds for now (finally up to 3 atma):

+ Minikin + Mounted: I use this when the NM uses a slow poison or does
en-damage. First, I choose the avatar with the same element as the
spells cast, then I slowly kill the mob. I also use Mounted when I get
stuck somewhere I may get magic aggro. Helps to not have to heal

Ducal + Minikin + Ultimate: If Ducal appears to be
enough, or the mob has heavy poison/bio, I switch to this. This allows
me to kill faster.

For 2 atma, I recommend Ducal + Minikin. I have not decided what to do when I get the AF3 hands/body.

Other successes (all low-man):
Garuda > Tunga (complete pushover, can solo)
Ifrit > Blazing Eruca (nuke kiting, spikes only did 10 damage at the end, maybe solo)
Ifrit > Granite Borer (complete pushover, can solo)

Not recommended:
Itzpopalotl > too much tp feed = lots of healing

Atma of Ducal Guard:

(Guard) Damage Taken-:Major
(HP Below 50%) Damage Taken-:Superior
(HP Below 50%) Movement Speed-:Superior

Quested - Abyssea Grauberg:
Brugaire's Ambition (level 3 fame), The Egg Enthusiast and Grauberg Dominon Ops 1, 2, 3, 6

Please note these buffs apply at 50% of base HP .Not increased HP due to any other atma,equipment NPC buffs ect
Atma Fabricant: Heroes of Abyssea 1000 cruor


Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:

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SMN I WIN Button=Ducal Guard+Avatar 100% immune phys damage
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