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 Abyssea/Atma Faq

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PostSubject: Abyssea/Atma Faq   Abyssea/Atma Faq EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 11:43 am


Please Read This BEFORE Asking Any Abyssea Questions.

This is my attempt at filtering out 80% of the Random Question Thread with the same questions asked over and over about Abyssea (I'm looking at you, Ephemerals). If any of my information is wrong, or there is missing info, please do tell and I will fix it.

1.) All Ephemerals in all Abyssea zones (that INCLUDES Visions zones) give enhanced aura strength. The general consensus is that the higher level the Ephemeral is, the stronger light it gives. EM-VT Ephemerals generally give the equivalent of ~10 lights, more or less depending on the Ephemeral's level.
--> The color of the aura surrounding the Ephemeral just designates its element, and thus, what TP move it will use. Nothing more, nothing less.

2.) All regular Abyssea NMs give enhanced lights, but not at the same rate as Ephemerals (~5-10 depending on the level of the NM).

3.) All non-Avatar Abyssea NMs give guaranteed Pearl lights. Thus, killing 6 or so tier 1 VNMs for pearl auras is a great way to cap.

4.) Two decently geared 85 RDMs can kill anything in Abyssea. Anything at all ever period. As can MNK RDM BRD or MNK WHM 80% of the time.

5.) Visions zones (La Theine, Konschtat, and Tahrongi) Gold Pyxides drop every NM-spawning key item except Twisted Tonberry Crown. Scars Zones (Abyssea-Misareaux,Vunkerl, Attohwa) only give four key items, for four different NMs. You need to kill the other NMs required to get the key items to spawn the higher tier NM you seek.

6.) General !! (red/grellow/blue) points.
--> !!'s will not proc if the monster is charging a TP move, executing a TP move animation, casting, or executing a casting animation.
--> If you stun them while charging a TP move or casting, you must wait until the actual animation is over before attempting to proc the !!. If you want to stun a monster to allow players to proc !!'s, it must be done while the monster is not doing anything.
--> Different colored !!'s will stack with each other.
--> If one color of !! is repeated, it will lower the drop rate of whatever that color activates.
--> Whatever you do, for the love of God do not call "grellow" !!'s 'green' or 'yellow'. They are Grellow, nothing more, nothing less.
--> Abilities (weaponskills or spells) that proc !!'s of any color can be resisted partially or absorbed, and will still proc !!. However, completely resisted spells (notably, threnodies/enfeebles that can get fully resisted) will not proc !! if they are what would proc it.
--> 'Stagger' messages show up to everyone in range, regardless if they are fighting the monster or not, or what filters they have on, similar to "xxx is paralyzed" messages. So be careful if you are fighting a NM near another group doing the same, and trying to proc any !!'s. Check for visual confirmation first and foremost.
--> --> Also, if you are posting a chat log screenshot of a stagger message to argue a claim, make sure that no other groups were in your vicinity, so as to ensure that the stagger message was from the monster you were fighting.
--> !! weaknesses are determined on the elemental day (grellow) and time (blue) of the monster's claim (free-roaming) or spawn (item-popped NM). That is, if you start fighting a monster at 23:00 Lightsday, and you're still fighting it by 8:00 Darksday, its Grellow weaknesses will still be within Electric/Light/Dark elements, and its Blue weakness will still be blunt.
--> --> However, if the monster goes unclaimed and passive, its weakness set will be reset upon next claim.

7.) Red !!s.
--> Red !!'s guarantee that any/all key items the monster can drop will drop. If it is a single key item, it will go to the person who spawned or first claimed the monster. If it is a key item that drops to everyone in a party/alliance, the key item will drop to everyone who is in the popper/claimer's party when the monster dies. Meaning, if the person who spawned the monster drops out of the party/alliance he was in when the monster dies, nobody in the party/alliance will get the key item.
--> There are thirteen elemental WS's that can proc red !!, and only thirteen, no more, no less. See them here. A WAR and NIN with the right weapon skill levels can cover all of them.
--> There is no trick to figuring out which weaponskill it is - it is random among the thirteen.
--> There are NO exceptions to this. No other weaponskills will proc red !!'s.

8.) Grellow !!s.
--> Grellow !!'s greatly increase the amount of seals that can/will drop from a monster that drops seals, and increases the amount of 'trophy' items used in Magian trials that drop.
--> Spells of the element of the current day, previous day, and next day all have a chance of landing grellow !!. That is, the elemental day of the monster's claim (free-roaming) or spawned (item-popped).
--> Here is the list of spells of each element that work. There is some dispute about the conclusiveness of this list; but it is generally agreed that everything in it does work.

9.) Blue !!'s.
--> Blue !!'s increase the odds that the monster's rarest item will drop. Usually this is a job-specific AF3 accessory, but not always. Note that this does not ensure the drop, only increases its odds (the odds, and how much they increase, vary from monster to monster).
--> Certain physical weaponskills will proc blue !!, based on the time of day the monster was spawn or claimed, not the current time you land the weaponskill.
--> The full list of what weaponskills will proc at what time is here. In short:
6:00 - 14:00 = Piercing
14:00 - 22:00 = Slashing
22:00 - 6:00 = Blunt
Relic, Mythic, Empyrean, and weaponskills above level 75 do not count. Quested weaponskills do.
--> No, blue !!'s do not guarantee the drop of the monster's rarest item, they simply raise it to ~80%. Your Mileage May Vary.

10.) Ironclad Pulverizer, and Landing Red !! on him.
--> His regular attack animation counts as a TP move. You must hit him with a WS while he is completely idle. There are no special WS exceptions for him, he is susceptible to the regular 13.
--> The best way to go about proc'ing red !! on him is to have someone kite him at a distance of 20 yalms or greater. As long as he is 20 yalms or further away, he will not attempt to swing. Let the DD's stand in his path, and when he gets in range, spam the elemental WS macro or menu command.
--> There are no special exceptions to Ironclad Pulverizer. If you tried all 13 WS's and didn't get one to proc, you're doing it wrong.

11.) "Can my friends and I kill (insert NM here) with our setup...?"
--> For the love of Rog, list what Atmas you and your friends have, and a rough generalization of gear quality and skill level.
--> See point 4.

12.) "Should I use (piece of equipment A) instead of (piece of equipment B)...?"
--> These questions are pointless if you do not list what other gear you have equipped, and in cases of Abyssea, what Atmas you equip/use.

13.) "You're wrong, I threw a Pebble at Eccentric Eve and got a purple !! to proc!" (or other generic "You're wrong!!" post).
--> Pics or it didn't happen. Seriously, it's getting pretty ridiculous in the Abyssea/Random Question Threads. Give proof of your claim if it directly conflicts with something offered as fact.

14.) Still have a question?
--> Search before asking.

Hopefully, if people actually notice this and read it, a lot of the clutter in the Random Question thread will be reduced. idk though. worth a shot.

Last edited by Zadimortis; Today at 07:38 PM.

Second this. if someone needs a basic template, here's one you can tweak that I'm using atm:

Attempting to proc a !! while stunned from a Red !! will not work
Attempting to proc !! while the monster is stunned using a TP move/Casting will not work
Attempting to proc !! on a stunned monster that was only auto attacking (sans iron giant attacks) WILL work


Lightsday: Holy, Banish 2, Banish 3, Banishga 2, Flash, Dark Threnody, Radiant Breath, 1000 Needles
Darksday: Bio 2, Aspir, Dispel , Drain, Kurayami:Ni, Light Threnody, Death Ray, Eyes On Me
Firesday: Fire 3, Fire 4, Firaga 3, Flare, Katon:Ni, Ice Threnody, Heat Breath, Firespit
Earthsday: Stone 3, Stone 4, Stonega 3, Quake, Doton:Ni, Lightning Threnody, Magnetite Cloud, Seedspray
Watersday: Water 3, Water 4, Waterga 3, Flood, Suiton:Ni, Fire Threnody, Maelstrom, Regurgitation
Windsday: Aero 3, Aero 4, Aeroga 3, Tornado, Huton:Ni, Earth Threnody, Hecatomb Wave, Mysterious Light
Icesday: Blizzard 3, Blizzard 4, Blizzaga 3, Freeze, Hyoton:Ni, Wind Threnody, Frost Breath, Ice Break
Lightningsday: Thuder 3, Thunder 4, Thundaga 3, Burst, Raiton:Ni, Water Threnody, Mind blast, Blitzstrahl


6:00-14:00 - Piercing
Dagger: Shadowstitch(70), Dancing Edge(200), Shark Bite(225), Evisceration(230)
Polearm: Skewer(200), Wheeling Thrust(225), Impulse Drive(240)
Archery: Sidewinder(175), Blast Arrow(200), Arching Arrow(225), Empyreal Arrow(250)
Crossbow: Slug Shot(175), Blast Shot(200), Heavy Shot(225), Detonator(250)

14:00-22:00 - Slashing
Sword: Vorpal Blade(200), Swift Blade(225), Savage Blade(240)
G.sword: Spinning Slash(225), Ground Strike(250)
Axe: Mistral Axe(225), Decimation(240)
G.axe: Full Break(225), Steel Cyclone(240)
Scythe: Cross Reaper (225), Spiral Hell(240)
Katana: Blade: Ten(225), Blade: Ku(250)
G.katana: Tachi: Gekko(225), Tachi: Kasha(250)

22:00-6:00 - Blunt
H2h: Raging Fists(125), Spinning Attack(150), Howling Fist(200), Dragon Kick(225), Asuran Fists(250)
Club: Skullbreaker(150), True Strike(175), Judgement(200), Hexa Strike(220), Black Halo(230)
Staff: Heavy Swing(5), Shell Crusher(175), Full Swing(200), Spirit Taker(215), Retribution(230)


Dagger : Cyclone / Energy Drain
Sword : Red Lotus Blade / Seraph Blade
Great Sword : Freezebite
Scythe : Shadow of Death
Polearm : Raiden Thrust
Katana : Blade: Ei
Great Katana : Tachi: Jinpu / Tachi: Koki
Club : Seraph Strike
Staff : Earth Crusher / Sunburst

Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:
Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
Abyssea/Atma Faq Pbucket
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Abyssea/Atma Faq
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