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 Summoner vs Turul (duo)

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Summoner vs Turul (duo) Empty
PostSubject: Summoner vs Turul (duo)   Summoner vs Turul (duo) EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 12:02 pm

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Two nights ago my ls went and built time in Abyssea - Konschtat for farming NMs/key items later on. After we farmed ourselves roughly 4 Eccentric Eve pops everyone started going to sleep etc. Myself and another SMN in ls still had 200+ min. and stayed around for awhile to kill a few Bakkas. Then we randomly decided to throw ourselves at Turul.(We were expecting to die)And surprisingly our Heavenly Strikes (fully merited/Atma of Beyond/Minikin Monstrosity)were doing 1.1-1.3k to Turul per SMN.
We held Turul at Conflux 7 (i think) and kept throwing Shiva's at it. Pretty basic strategy and roughly 30-40 min. later we had it dead.

We were surprised that it was that simple, when, in most cases, it takes at least 2 parties~ to kill. Even a single party if the players are experienced enough.

Don't forget SS and blink! RR items too in case things get rough Razz And Good luck!
OH btw Turul dropped Nierenschutz and Loki's Kaftan. Very Happy

Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:
Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
Summoner vs Turul (duo) Pbucket
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Summoner vs Turul (duo)
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