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PostSubject: AMUN!!!!!!   AMUN!!!!!! EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 11:45 am

Pretty much limit melee tp build and nuke we keep feeding it way way to much TP....

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Tried this 9/12/2010 with an Abyssea alliance. Needless to say we got owned pretty quick. Has some nasty AoEs and -gas. Amun kept silencing, poisoning, and amnesia our group. Kept using an ability called Catharsis. First Catharsis healed him for 6170 HP, then next for 3960 HP, then 961 HP. Amun used this about every 20 seconds. This ability seems to be diminishing. This guy makes Hakutaku seem like Bubbly Bernie. Further testing needs to be done on this NM.

We fought this with 6 people last night. Catharsis was used often, it was healing him for ~4000 each time. It didn't diminish like the previous poster. It also causes a poison/silence/amnesia aura for about 15 secs i would say. the range on the aura is probably about 10-15 yalms. Fought it for about 30 mins w/ mnk/thf/war/brd/whm/blm and it was still at 100%.

Killed on 9/27/2010 with 6. Rdm/nin, Rdm/nin, Smn/whm, Brd/whm, pld/nin, Whm/rdm. The key to this fight is to limit it's TP gain. Minimal setup would be 2 Rdm/nin's and any support you can get beyond that makes for a smoother fight. Our Pld was able to get hate some of the time and when not tanking can cure. There's a martello nearby so mp shouldn't be an issue. It attacks fairly quickly & has double attack, so tanking for an extended amount of time will be difficult for non-tanks without proper support. It's nukes hit for around 1000, with Shell 4 & bar-spell on, melee hits for about 200 on rdm/nin. The diminishoing cures listed in the original post are likely due to it only curing as much hp to get to 100%. Ours ranged from 3600-5600. Approx 8-10% of total HP. 40min fight in all.

Killed with x2 rdm/nin cor/nin and smn/rdm all 85, pull NM with movement speed/sac pull to I-8 and DOT/Kite around rocks, 30-40 mins to kill, keep RR up in case unlucky with agas, saboteur Slow/Para to make it easier to kite.

Killed with RDM/NIN and BLM/NIN in about 45 minutes kiting around the arch near Conflux #03, with moderate-to-low difficulty. If you can avoid the AoEs, this NM is not too bad. Slowed nuking from RDM at low HP in favor of BLM using AMII and -ga III (to limit TP gain), as Catharsis seemed to happen more often as HP went down. Did not seem to build resistance to Stun despite frequent use. --Aliekber 19:46, October 11, 2010 (UTC).

* Carthasis: Restores HP (~4000-6000 healed)

* Occasionally generates an aura (approx 15 sec) that inflicts poison Poison, silence Silence and amnesia Amnesia.

* Aura is Caused by the TP move Carthasis.

* Moving outside of the range of the aura will remove the debuffs in a few seconds.

* Death Ray: Single-target darkness damage Resist Vs. Dark; Ignores shadows
* Hex Eye: Gaze Attack paralysis Paralyze; Is used instantly
* Petro Gaze: Gaze Attack petrification Petrification

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