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 Dynamis-X 9-27-10

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Dynamis-X 9-27-10 Empty
PostSubject: Dynamis-X 9-27-10   Dynamis-X 9-27-10 EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 6:48 am

Aramis, Article, Barghest, Blkwnd, Darkseedx, Elspeth, Escaflowne, Faraz, Fattucus,
Fayette, Firesan, Kyayuna, Lalandra, Morganfaye, Purrrl, Sdragon, Thesuspect,
Anataki- 1/2 THF, Bastwick- 2/2 RDM, Bleyt- WHM, Ceraph- PUP, Dartania- 1/2RDM
Ganav- BLM, Garybaker- BLM, Mazinkaiser- BLU, Mikbink- RDM, Rooney- 2/2 RDM,
Marcusxxiv- 2/2 THF
Items Recieved:
Barghest Dropped BST
Ceraph- PUP
Darkseedx- DRK dropped
Fattucus- FL MNK
Mazinkaiser- BLU
Mikbink- FL WHM
Kenshyn FL SCH- FL SMN
Rooney - Shadow Mantle
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Dynamis-X 9-27-10
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