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 Puppet does over 9000 way way over!!!!

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PostSubject: Puppet does over 9000 way way over!!!!   Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:19 am

I haven't been able to get a BLM friend to try Vidohunir and Burn yet, so I did the next best thing: Magic Burst


So, I had some fun today.

My LS finally downed a mission NM in Abyssea to unlock the 2nd Lunar Abyssite, and we are really rolling with killing NMs and farming some atma.

So I wondered...what happens if I have Atma of Gales and Atma of the Baying Moon and cast Aero V on something? And of course I choose the squishiest mob I know of, that being Bog Bodies (Qutrubs).

Well, here is what happened:


I think the only downer was that it only did 47% to the T Qutrub, but w/e that was fun to do!

Also, pup sucks etc.----------------------------
Linkshell: HeavenisticChaos (Leader)
Server: Carbuncle

I was able to replenish my time in Abyssea, so I went and did it, simply for SCIENCE.

Found a DC, low evasion Qutrub as my target (Aero V):

Atma of the Baying Moon + Atma of the Gales = 7792
Atma of the Heavens + Atma of the Gales = 7346

So Heavens is weaker then Baying Moon if you are looking for pure damage.

Then I went to try Absorb-INT. Same level monster (DC, low evasion):

Atma of the Baying Moon + Atma of the Gales = 7792 (made sure of base damage)
Atma of the Baying Moon + Atma of the Gales + Absorb-INT = 8524

To add, I don't think I got Aero V off as fast as I could have, so that number could be slightly higher.

Yeeeaaaahhh, hot crap mhmm.

EDIT: Also, I Absorbed-INT from the Qutrub itself. The nearest mob to Qutrubs in Canyon were angry worms I wasn't about to play with.

Maybe finally idiots will realize puppetmaster stopped being lol awhile back all the pet jobs got buffed and the atma applies to the pets now as well give pet jobs some love....


Kennonball this you little punk arse mfer biatch:

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Puppet does over 9000 way way over!!!!
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