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PostSubject: ATTENTION: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING   Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:57 am


Welcome to our website, we are Heroes Very Happy,
an end game linkshell on the shiva server. I know you're thinking what
so different about Heroes than any other end game linkshell? Well first
of all Heroes come from a long line of "HERO" linkshells which was an
offspring of one of the first linkshells for NA "Carpe Diem".

Before I say anything else let me give you a brief history lesson.

the early days Carpe Diem grew from a shell called "Hero" from there
and changes going on Shiva we went from a regular social linkshell to a
End game or also known as a HNMLS (back in the day!). After 3 leaders
and 3 different naming "Hero" Linkshell here we are keeping that legacy
that so many have walk in being Heroes. Also with that Heroes brother
dynamis linkshell "grandtheftchoco" is one of the oldest and best
dynamis linkshell out there.

-- Minimum Requirements --
75 JOB (Multipule jobs are a +++++ )
At least Dynamis-BCD access (though we prefer Dyanmis-Xarabard Access)
Must be willing to Join our Dynamis linkshell
Have a Sponsor from our Regular members.
Must not be in another or applying to another end game linkshell.
you are a server transfer you must post you past LS and there website,
we will even go to BG fourms to find any information on you.

-- About us --

run on a LS leader/Officer leadership type chain of command. We have
certain pearlsack member running different areas of the whole "end
game" scene. while our LS leader has overall command of what we
do. We do a Point based system for our sky , and a attendance based
system for our Sea, Limbus, Dynamis. Our events aren't mandatory be we
do require you to show up for at least 1 event a week (excluding
dynamis which is runned by Villains). we will soon be doing Einharjar
soon also.

We do time to time camp HNMs, though we do have a
core unit of hunters, we do ask you to be open to be called upon while
your leveling or doing other things. I know it's a bitch to stare at a
wall for 3 hours but we are a HNMLS (or end game linkshell as you new
kids would say) but if we need a certain job we will call you. all we
ask really is to be flexiable.

our current schedule, which are all starting at 7est .

Monday- Dynamis-
Tuesday- Sky farm or god fight:
Wensday- LIMBUS:
Thursday- Sea farm:
Friday-: TBA
Saturday- LIMBUS:
Sunday - Random Big event (kiring, jol, wyrms):

though our event aren't madatory we do expect you to come, if you only
come to mandatory events do not expect to lot on items, if you do not
camp and do come when we get claim, do not expect to lot on items. you
evaluated by the leadership 24/7, so beware of that.

events like Cop dynamis and limbus end much early but these are
timeframes where the events are happening. We aren't a mandatory or
strict linkshell but if we do need a certain job we will call you guys
to come and we will ask it respectfully. Though Sundays event are
usually mandatory for everyone to come around.

we also hunt
HNMs, so timeframes might conflict on these event times. we may leave
sky or sea timeframe incase so please beware of this.

anyways if you read this far Awesome, if you skip the rest i suggest
you reading it so you will know if were the right linkshell for you
cause we don't want so you to be unhappy cause your in the wrong

if you have any question spam tells the LS leader
Article or our officers Acepod, Aramis, Nyaomy, Paubian or any of
our regular memebers.

Note: Members w/o Sea access cannot Que sky drops until they have Access to Sea with main character.

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