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 Cerderic Dynamis Application

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PostSubject: Cerderic Dynamis Application   Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:04 pm

What is your character's name?

73 Paladin (Will be 75 by the middle of this week)
37 Warrior (Sub)
42 White Mage (Teles)
20 Black Mage (Warp)
41 Red Mage (Sub)
25 Thief (Flee)
44 Bard (Will be 60 eventually)
40 Ninja (Sub)
38 Dragoon (Next to 75)
19 Dancer (Next to 37)

Desired Lot Job:
Paladin long time!

Dynamis Wins you NEED:
All Sad

CoP Diablos Cleared?
Not even close Razz
But will be working on it as soon as I hit 75 in a day or two.

Current Linkshell(s):
TheDevilWearsPrada (Social; My own)

Past Linkshell(s): Include all HNMLS/Dynamis/Social/Etc.
XxDynamisLordxX (Dynamis; Failsauce fersherr)
Bloodmoney (Social; Disbanded)

Origin Server: Shiva or Jumped?
Shiva ftw!

Normal Play Hours (i.e. Can you make our runs?):
Varies a lot due to my schedule.
Generally weekdays 4:00PM - 11:00PM EST
Friday & Saturday: 11:00AM - The next morning! Razz

Reasons for wanting to join GTC:
My 1 real life friend that plays (Mohoss) is in this LS (including Heroes). And I've been good friends with Keo since I started more than 5 years ago. And from my understanding, you guys rock! Razz

Something you can tell us that will help us to know you better:
I am lead vocals in a small rock band. I have been playing FFXI since August 2003. I am 18. I graduate High School in a few months, whether that means I will have more or less time, I don't know.

Anything else you would like to let us know about yourself:
I am d'pwnsauce!

Well of course :]

Can you follow instructions?
That I can do!

Will you cry if people yell at you?
Only a little.
But I'll be okay.
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PostSubject: Re: Cerderic Dynamis Application   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:03 pm

You'll be accepted, however you need to be prepared to not do dynamis sometimes 2-3 weeks straight at a time. Our main focus is usually farming northlands, and we're trying to incorporate some CoP as well. I would suggest working on CoP asap, and at least get past Diablos so you can attend at least those runs with us as well. Also, make sure you read http://hocd.forumotion.com/villains-dynamis-f34/villains-linkshell-rules-t1187.htm rules vs the old GTC rules, as they were updated. If you have questions about the rules, ask don't assume. I'll let you know either here, or in game the next city run we intend to do so you can show up for your first run.
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Cerderic Dynamis Application
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