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 Tier 3 Einherjar

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PostSubject: Tier 3 Einherjar   Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:00 pm

BG has some good notes and i'll be reading more on it when i get a chance this week but some notes i've heard are...

1 or 2 CS Stun is VITAL for tier 3 (2 being better just incase)

Dragons in waves of mobs
Elemental Seal Silence and kill fast with lots of Stuns.
Body slam = Pain
Cursed breath + Slam = death/wipe
Void Song (if not silenced) Slows things down ALOT

Most Tier 3 bosses are VERY zergable
Yes even Khim who builds resitance to stun can be CS stunned and Zerged.

Keep these things in mind and GL folks!
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Tier 3 Einherjar
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